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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 20, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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minute. >> what begins as a snow ball fight ends in a snowball scuffle. investigators want to speak to the people in these photos believed to be involved in the brawl. >> armed and dangerous, the nationwide manhunt underway right now, for teachers who allegedly abducted his 15 year old student one week ago. >> dot right thing. turn yourself into the police. bring back home. >> alarm inningly low number of leads. >> headed to the hill. fbi director james comey testifies before congress today. >> as far as wiretapping, i guess, you know, this past administration, at least we have something in common. >> as president trump stands by his claims that he was wiretapped by president obama. performer passed away this
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weekend at zero nine years old. >> true music legends, and still making music. >> he does have studio albumn coming out in a few weeks. >> outside we go on this first day every spring. katie on the skydeck. hello, kate. >> i good morning to you both. yes, quiet beginning to the season overall here, rahel, you mentioned we are just about an hour shy hereof spring's official beginning, yes, there is a time stamp on when this season actually starts equinox. normal high, in the low 50's, continues right now, to be in the mid 50's, but, we didn't even come close to that, except for yesterday i come bearing better news, we do begin to rebounds, storm scan, actually look, never really know it, not the report here.
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it is all completely calm out, there even on the satelite picture. thirty-six current temperature at the airport, yes, chill of the air, do still want your winter coat. but minus anyone, also the fact that we will rebound to pretty typical low 50's, across the region here today, it is a nice beginning to the season. so, more seasonable top off at 52 degrees in the sunshine, later tonight, disturbance starts to move in, usher in more cloud cover late tonight and also potential for some showers, we talk about it as the show progresses but temperatures more than anything on another roller coaster ride. see not just taste of january in the seven day, meisha, but also a taste of april. interesting. >> from january to april. >> we will have sun dom, pack your the sunglasses for your morning commute. still dark out there. headlight moving in the eastbound direction, past oaks, you can see, levels are, though starting to build just little bit on 422. same story at the blue route,
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although still looking good here at mcdade. headlights moving in the southbound direction, you can see southbound, northbound, doesn't matter. still located on the blue route. vine not closed overnight for the construction, looking good, but starting to get little bit, i don't want to say busy, but certainly building levels pushing in the westbound direction, you can see a lot of brakes lights going off as you jump on to the schuylkill. heads up. westbound side, you're certainly starting to heat up. eastbound side still looking okay. we do have accident here with the downed traffic signal, willingboro, new jersey, route 130 cooper street. all southbound lanes blocked. two northbound lanes blocked, use the alternate, 295 or new jersey turnpike, and also, just heads up, concrete repairs, pa turnpike mid-county toll plaza, and because that far, e-zpass truck lanes are closed. and they'll be closed until april 10, that's certainly going to slow you down starting in the 6:00 hour. jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha. there are no injuries, but plenty of damage after car fire in bridesburg. crews put out the fire near richmond and orthodox streets little after midnight. there is no word on what sparked the fire, and only the
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car was damaged. >> police are still looking for a car after a hit-and-run in southwest philadelphia sends a toddler to the hospital. crash occurred just before 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday. on the 6500 block of geier avenue. two year old was hit was brought to children's hospital. the child is said to be in stable condition. police have not yet released the description of the vehicle. >> septa police would like to cawk after this brawl was caught on camera. victim's mother shot this video at the subway station. it reportedly all started with a snowball fight on the street, then escalated underground one was seriously hurt, released series every photos, but at this point they say it is too early to label any of them as suspect. >> busy day in washington, picking supreme court gorsuch attending hearing. >> james comey testifies first public hearing on russia's involvement in presidential
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election. hena daniels live in new york to tell us more about it, good morning, hena. >> good morning, fb i am director james combly testify before the house intelligence committee, expected to address president trump's unsubstantiated allegations that there was wiretap at trump towers. senate confirmation hearings begin for trump's supreme court nominee bill gorsuch. fbi director james comey takes the hot seat later this morning as house lawmakers pull their first open hearing into russia's influence in the 2016us presidential election. >> i think there are a few things i'm hoping to hear first whether any americans are being investigated for cooperating or conspiring with the russians who interfered with our election, second, the scope of the investigation, and third, a time line for resolving it. >> also shed light on mr. trump's unproven claims that former president obama wiretapped trump tower during the campaign. >> that's a terrible accusation to make. of course it is not true.
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so let's just >> others are holding out for more information. >> i would like to first get to the bottom of this before saying -- i don't know that they -- president trump assertion. >> i have a lot of respect for susan collins, but i have to mention there is she said we need to get to the bottom of this. nothing is at the bottom. >> also on capitol hill today the first of several dates, airings supreme court for gorsuch. >> preparing for fight. after republicans refuse to even consider president obama's nominee, garland. if confirmed, gorsuch would replace antonin scalia who passed away last year. >> and president trump will also meet with microsoft co-founder bill gates today, as well as the iraqi prime
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minister at the white house. jim, rahel? >> hena, thank you. >> so the time now 5:37. business news this morning, some new game pieces for one of america's favorite games. >> also, another company says they've put customer information at riskment money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> good morning, friday fell, nasdaq flat. suffer data beach. in this case customer e-mail addresses and phone numbers visible on the sach's website. ten every thousands of customers impacted. hudson bay, can add jane company that owns s aks moving quickly to resolve the situation and no payment info was exposed. thousands of us vets could fine their next assign the the ibm. computer company plans to hire 2,000 vet, part of expansion plan, comes after ibm
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announced hoping to hire 25,000 people. some of those jobs being called new collar jobs, so four year degree not required. for march madness, monopoly madness, board game announced three new pieces, the t-rex, rubber ducky and penguin. voters weighed in on line, time to retire the boot, wheel barrel, and thimble, jim, rahel? >> just lappy they kept the hats. >> i'm happen that i they added the t-rex. >> all right. >> happiness all around. thank you. >> i'm happy they didn't add the hashtag. >> oh, i know. >> thank you, jill. also, if you are looking for a job, you're in luck, coast-to-coast career fares holding job fair today at the four points sheridan in philadelphia. all are welcome to attend the free event. it starts at 11:00 this morning, lan continue until 2:00 in the afternoon. candidates are encourage today bring at least 20 copies of their resume, dress in business attire. tennessee authorities
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continue searching for a man suspected every kidnapping one of its student. fifteen year old elizabeth thomas went missing last monday, police believe she is with her former school teacher, 50 year old. one of ten children, and her mother is currently facing five counts every child abuse. investigators believe brainwashed thomas into abandoning her family to be with him. >> police in boulder colorado say this wild fire may have been caused by peep hole, fire crews contained half the flames as of 6:00 last night. still in place for more than 400 homes, no damage to buildings reported so far. firefighters hope to have it under control today. as for cause, local authorities ruled out downed power lines, lightning, but added that the area is often used by hiker. >> back here at home, over 20 children with special needs participated in a pageant in langhorne, held at the share done in bucks county yesterday afternoon. contestant between the ages
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every three to 20, strutted their stuff down the runways, modelled outfits for the jungle salve erie theme. >> it is so heartwarming to see all of the families come out to watch their children participate in such an event. and it is nice to actually give the parents a moment to celebrate their children, and watch, and i'm very thankful for the volunteers who helped make that possible. >> and the pageant first started in new jersey and has since expand today multiple states. >> good. >> well, happening today, it is the first day of spring. >> also, free water ice at rita's, all rita's locations in our area a and cross the country are giving away free water ice today for the 25th consecutive year. also back breaking spring time favorites. italian ice. last season a million people grabbed their free water ice from rita's on the first day every spring, today is it. >> custard -- >> you're an expert. do you eat there every day. >> couple of times a week
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probably. >> no wonder why you have to run a that monday. anyway, it is true, hey, jill at i's, not low-fat. that's good stuff. but if you eat it every day? >> thank you, katie. >> buddy. >> i would be the size after house. >> puppy takes feel trip to the air part. >> we'll tell you the important reason behind that that will make a big difference in the lives of their future companions. we will be right
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i got to tell but adele's adorable imitation of her idol, beyonce. >> i've not heard this in so many. we all know how much the grammy award winner lovers queen b, english err singer performing at concert in australia, which wrapped up her tour. she tried to emulate beyonce dance moves from her crazy music, you know, the hair whipping, emphasizing her admiration for the artist. a for effort. >> got it tell you kim kardashian finally opening up about the robbery in paris for the first time since october. she is talking about the frightening ordeal. kardashian said she felt the armed gunman were going to kill her. she begged them to zaire spare her leave. she mentally prepared herself to be shot because the thieves duck taped her face, left her in the bathroom, took millions of dollars in jewelry. police have charged the
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suspect. and disney remake of the cartoon classic beauty and the beast shatters the box office with a $170 million debut. 170 million. now, that left the other contenders in the top three trailing behind by more than $100 million. warner brothers action adventure film earned estimated $28.8 million, in second week. not too far behind science fiction drama, slogan, came n. >> saturday was really good day for the movies. >> yes, definitely. >> ugh. sorry. >> no, i know. >> does that determine our weather, ugh (. >> you know, we have that in our meteorological dictionary. true, it was chilly initially, yes, that at least absolutely, i had a feeling that we, for one thing, the movie looked awesome, no doubt they would end up with great turn out for. that will but with that said, nice spring like weather coming our way here we start
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things offer, getting/side, high atop hotel bethlehem, all clear. virtually no visibility issues as you can see, lehigh campus, still snow on the ground, that has yet to melt away. but even in bethlehem, we ended up with a really decent snow pack out of that nor'easter. things have really had the chance to begin to melt away. but things have cleared out nicely from the road surface, certainly, still leftovers on the side there, also on the grass. i have a feeling that over the next couple every days we will actually see this dissipate. so let's talk about why. first check in with the eyewitness weather watchers, off to chilly start. we have to take you all the way inland here to the most remote location, where reporting nice clear sky, 31 degrees. say hello spring. 6:29. she has it right on the nose, when the equinox will take effect. more of that in the 6:00 hour. 31 degrees from jason this morning, despite the fact he's further south. off to nice cold start with a
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nice clear sky no less. and we go to one more, let me zoom it in a little bit so i can reach it, 32 degrees from allen this morning also completely clear sky. did actually sends us picture of any snow completely melted away outside his house. this is as of yesterday obviously the sun not up just yet. to storm scan, at the moment, things all clear, we've been showing you, but there is a little disturbance heading on through. this front likely comes through in scattered fashion, in terms every moisture content, but doesn't come until late tonight. so the bottom line it is not a non-event, but it is going to come with good timing overnight, when many of us are tuck away in bed, but you will also find nothing more than scattered showers out of t strictly rain showers for the city and points south, maybe little ice up across the poconos. look what happens here. color contours, we start to see the pink, purple dropping south, you know colder air on the way, especially wednesday into thursday, we're going to get a little taste every january. then we rebound. and all because frontal passage cold front, then
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warmfront, so, what we ends up with here is a big variety pack on the seven day in short. so today, tomorrow, overall, seasonable day for the spring season. but wednesday, thursday, clearly the colds he is of the pack. specially wednesday. real taste every january there. but take a look at this. granted, by saturday, i think we will see more clouds builds in, there is system approaching. but 65 degrees, looks you havea, doesn't it, meisha? >> sure does, especially on a saturday. we want it on the weekend. good morning, looking outside, a lot of flashing light, disable vehicle, 95 south at girard point bridge. seeing couple every brake lights going on as you pass by, overall, congestion levels okay. we will be building little bit as we push into the 6:00 hour. always do. specially on busy monday morning, a the love people hit willing the roadways, good news, sun will be out. that might give you slow downs, traveling in the eastbound direction, pack the sunglasses, 42 freeway northbound at creek road, approach 295. really starting to build levels right now in jersey for those every in you jersey
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joining us good morning, happy monday to everyone joining us, this is one stretch where we are starting to see plenty of headlight out there. also want to pull your attention to this. we have widening construction project going from two lanes to four, which is that great news, great news, but, the down side of that is that we are going to be held up in construction, so route 322, between route one and route 452, starting the initial work this week, between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and this is going to be going on through friday. by the way, this construction project will be out there for a long time. i mean long time, i not talking weeks to month, talking years. so starting the initial work, this week, between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m., monday through friday, this initial work that's starting to happen, and that's going to be a wide project, out there, getting very, very used to. also, we've got some concrete repairs here, pa turnpike, e-zpass express lanes closed. so this will be closed until april 10th. what's going to happen we will
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start to get some long lines around the area, so factor in some extra time for those every you traveling through that area, also, we have an accident, with downed traffic signal in this area. willingboro, new jersey, route 130, cooper street. two lanes blocked. both directions. northbound and southbound, do you have use alternate 295 or the new jersey turnpike will be your best bet, jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. two alarm fire at virginia school for the next couple of days, the fire at baker elementary school just southeast of richmond started sunday morning. firefighters arrived within two minutes to call and found black smoke coming from the roof of the school. under control in about an hour. the fire affect more than 400 student. >> trying to figure out whether i will be able to work, or my son can go to school. if he ain't in school i can't go to work. >> no injuries, and they blamed it on an electrical problem. >> philadelphia police getting support from local snow count. meet lucy's smoke house in the talcony section, the
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restaurant sold pulled pork and chicken sandwiches. it included music anibal on artists, and it will go to their k9 unit and training. >> airport can be bustling but confusing place. >> then their the signs, thousands of them. what if you couldn't read those signs? would you need some help, right? well, in oakland international airport, got a whole lot whether guide dogs for the blind brought together more than 25 puppies in training. sniff around, get familiar with the place. >> socializing them so when they become a guide dog, that they're familiar with the surroundings. >> alaska airlines welcomed the young trainees to its ticket counters, boarding gate, bags claim area even allowed them to go through the plane, as well. >> i don't know about you, but any time i see dogs just makes me light up. >> what a great service they're providingment wonderful. >> meisha, would adopt one. >> oh, all of them, all of them.
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>> you know what, i was just watching bridesmaids, taking out the party favors, that's me. >> oh, my gosh. >> love it. >> who let the dogs snout. >> we've lost control. starting on the first day of spring. inside volcano. >> incredible images from their zero expedition in a moment. >> stay with us. >> music still going! >> ♪
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>> student will be wrapping up the spring break, and headed back to fin your out the semester. a lot of those student went to someplace warm for their break, we hope. >> certainly wasn't warm around here. a lot of us know about google maps. what about google volcano view? >> there was this, check out what it's like to be invade of a volcano, thanks to adventurous group of explore he is, went a thousand miles off the coast of australia once there rep he'd 1200 feet into zero val cano, to the tiny islands. >> wow.
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coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," braking news, our trang do on the scene of officers assaulted in the line of duty. >> also shopping will never be the same again. we will show you where high tech memory mirror is transform willing the way we apply make up and shop for clothe. stay with us.
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>> going breaking news, suspected taken into custody after philadelphia police officer violent attack on the job, we're live with an update on his condition. >> also, the big changes that take effect today that could impact your morning commute for weeks. meisha has the details. >> the first day of spring. we are going to see some sun. but katie says it is a colder coaster ride of temperatures for the week. today is monday, march the 20, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. a lot of news to get to, first out the door. good morning. >> good morning, happy monday. happy first day of spring. katie will have all of the good news on, that but i can tell you right now, lot of construction out there. talked about this even in the winter. now that the spring is here it will really start to heat up. >> lack after lot of different
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storm systems, meant those guys can continue to watch throughout the season for the vast majority of the winter anyway, but the minutes now are whining down, guys. as to when spring officially gets underway. yes, there is a time stamp on this. because we've got to line up the sun's rays over the equator, will happen officially 6:29 our time here. so again, just handful every minutes before we can make it official. all clear right now here on storm scan3, we are going to see full sunshine throughout the day. temperatures that are little more typical of the standards of this day of the year. very quiet beginning to the season overall. now, late tonight, we do turn this forecast on it head little bit here. couple of showers work their way in. that is courtesy every little disturb and that will pass by to the south. still going to get couple of showers from. that will meantime currently into the mid 30's, low 30's in most locations, little colder in the mountains as is typical. but you have light wind. so what you see is a heck of a lot closer to what you actually get on the thermometer, in other words, don't have to accounr


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